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Teeth Grinding Options at
Bright Smile Dental Coogee

Woman with jaw painGrinding and clenching your teeth during sleeping hours doesn’t just wear down your smile — it can result in headaches and jaw pain, tooth loss and gum recession. Though a common condition, many people aren’t aware that there are simple treatment options that will protect your teeth from damage.

The Bright Smile Dental Coogee team offers treatment for bruxism or grinding that involves the SomnoBrux® device. It’s worn during sleeping hours, alleviating pain and providing a barrier on the surface of teeth.

A Close, Comfortable Fit

Your comfort is the priority with the SomnoBrux splint. It’s custom-created, giving a snug fit that allows you to open and close your mouth, speak, yawn or drink water while you wear it. There are three separate options for your splint depending on your particular needs.

There is no agreed-upon explanation regarding the cause of teeth grinding and clenching. Stress is thought to be a contributing factor. If your jaws feel tender or tired, you may benefit from discussing whether you’re a candidate for a SomnoBrux device.

Don’t suffer

Stop losing sleep today. Contact our office for a same-day appointment!


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