Teeth Grinding

Sleep Bruxism is the technical term for grinding and clenching teeth during sleep that abrades teeth and may cause facial pain.

It is a very common condition and may be a habitual nightly occurrence or manifest due to increased stress or anxiety. Prolonged bruxing can result in a number of serious problems and without treatment can irreversibly damage the structure and surface enamel of your teeth.

Moderate to severe sleep bruxism if left untreated can result in jaw pain known as TMJ pain, headaches, damaged and loose teeth and gum recession.

For the treatment of sleep bruxism SomnoBrux is worn during sleep to prevent against tooth damage caused by grinding, and to alleviate jaw and muscle pain. Similar to a mouth guard SomnoBrux provides a protective barrier between your tooth surfaces.

The SomnoBrux is designed with your comfort in mind and combined with SMH BFlex is a quantum leap forward from standard bruxism devices. Your SomnoBrux is custom made making it a precise snug fit and allowing you to have full range of mouth opening and closing. You will be able to talk, yawn and drink water while wearing the splint.

For more information on SomnoBrux, visit www.somnomed.com.au

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